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The Original Beauty Blender Beauty Blusher


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Beauty.Blusher is the perfect sized applicator for cream and powder blush application. Inspired by its big sister, The Original Beautyblender, this sponge is perfectly sized for the apple of your cheeks. No more streaks, no more fingerprints, no more dirty fingers. Just perfect cheeks!

Made from the same exclusive beautyblender material, this is the first, mid-sized blush applicator designed to deliver the right amount of blush product onto the apples your cheeks – seamlessly and effortlessly. The cool grey color of beauty.blusher helps to distinguish color undertones so you can prep with the exact amount of pigment needed for the perfect blush effect because colour and undertones ‘pop’ against it.

Beautyblender beauty.blusher features an open cell structure that fills with small amounts of water when wet. This allows the sponge to be "full" so that the makeup product sits on top of the sponge rather than being absorbed, allowing you to use less product every time.

When wet, beautyblender about doubles in size and becomes even softer, returning to its original size when it air dries. Beautyblenders use safe, water-soluble dyes that do not harm the environment and will maintain the integrity of their proprietary foam. For this reason, you may notice some colour run off or wash away the first time you wet beautyblender. This is normal and will disappear after you have cleansed your Beautyblender several times. Colour does not transfer onto the face or clothing.


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