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Skingredients 02 Skin Veg


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Skingredients 02 Skin Veg

Pre-serum + penetrant enhancer, 30ml

Skin Veg is yourhero,hydratorandhighlighter, a pre-serum and penetrant enhancer withhyaluronic acidand your skin’s 10-a-day, including real veggie goodness likebroccoliextract,tomatoextract andradish rootextract. With aclinically-proven pro-collagen peptideto reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles andpolyhydroxy acid(PHA) to help your active ingredients to penetrate optimally, Skin Veg is the veg that you really won’t mind seeing at breakfast and dinner time.

The ultra-lightweight Skin Veg is perfect applied post-cleansing and prior to your serums for a shot of dewy plumpness. It’s the skincare version of a primer. Created for use by all hoomans®, to fit into all skincare routines and to suit all skins, even the most oily, driest and sensitive.

Rockstar ingredients:

Clinically-proven pro-collagen peptide: reduces the depth and appearance of lines and wrinkles
Sodium hyaluronate: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin deeply
Gluconolactone: a PHA (polyhydroxy acid) for assisting in product penetration
Fruit + veg extracts: soothing, nourishing and antioxidant in nature
Liquorice root extract: a botanical brightening ingredient and antioxidant


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