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Hugo Boss Alive Eau De Parfum Gift Set


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Hugo Boss Alive Eau de Parfum Gift Set 

Notes: Plum, Vanilla, Jasmine, Apple.

Vivacious and empowering, the HUGO BOSS Women’s Alive Eau de Parfum invites its wearer to experience each day with complete immersion and feeling.

Carefully created with fruity notes of Apple and Plum, the fragrance has a burst of sparkling sweetness, alluding to the natural world without being overly green or botanical. These succulent scents convey the freshness of life before being swept up in a whirl of powerful Jasmine, giving the blend a floral accent that encapsulates femininity in the most confident way. Smooth Vanilla adds a mellow touch while the scent melts into a solid woodiness to ground the perfume in stability.

Set Includes: 
Alive Eau de Parfum 50ml
Perfumed Hand & Body Lotion 75ml


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