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Gillette Skincare Gift Set



Gillette Skincare Gift Set for Men


Ultra Sensitive Face Wash 140ml
Ultra Sensitive Face Wash has been formulated with mild skin cleansers that are gentle on the skin. Designed for daily use, this face wash helps get rid of dirt and natural secretions. The inclusion of glycerine helps to create a soft lather which makes the foam creamy and soft. A low level of menthol has been used for a fresh skin feel while no alcohol and dyes have been included. The face wash’s skin-friendly pH 5.0-5.5 formulation also includes shea butter and Vitamin E.

Gillette SKIN Ultra Sensitive Moisturiser 100ml
This moisturiser has been designed to help hydrate and nourish your skin everyday. The lack of regular skincare can reduce the skin’s natural moisture barrier, potentially leaving it looking dry or dull and feeling tight and itchy. The Ultra Sensitive Moisturiser by Gillette helps to bind water in the upper layers of the skin because of the use of humectants, like glycerine, in the formulation. Shea butter and Vitamin E are included in the formulation, too. Overall, the moisturiser helps to replenish skin moisture and to restore the skin’s natural barrier. It isn’t sticky or greasy, allowing the skin to easily absorb it instantly. No alcohol or dyes have been used.


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