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Bioderma Pigmentbio C-Concentrate Serum 15ml


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High-security Vitamin C cure for intense pigmentation correction.

Bioderma designed LumiReveal™ Technology to provide an option for people with hyperpigmented skin without the associated side effects.
This technology works effectively and durably on the 3 biological stages that cause hyperpigmentation while ensuring good tolerance:
> Inflammation: glabridin reduces inflammation, which causes an overproduction of melanin;
> Production: andrographolide + azelaic acid limit melanin production;
> Elimination: Epidermactiv boosts cellular renewal by eliminating cells filled with melanin.

LumiReveal Technology is supplemented by a cocktail of vitamins that are essential for the skin: vitamin C, E and PP which protect and strengthen the skin barrier.

Due to its high AHA/BHA (glycolic and salicylic acids) concentration, Pigmentbio C-Concentrate provides a gentle, peeling-like efficacy that doesn’t damage the skin or dry it out, thanks to its 8-hour hydration action.

Volume: 15ml


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