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BIODERMA Node DS+ Anti-Dandruff Intense Shampoo 125ml


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BIODERMA Node DS+ Anti-Dandruff Intense Shampoo 125ml

BIODERMA Node DS+ is an intensive shampoo that prevents recurrences of persistant dandruff and soothes itching of a dry, sensitive , irratated scalp. The DSactiv patented complex guarantees double effectivness, thanks to its action on the origins of flaky scalp. It limits the proliferation of the yeast that causes dandruff. It helps prevent recurrence by minimising the sebum secretion that promotes it’s development. Enriched with soothing ingredients, the scap is immediately relieved of itching and discomfort. The texture is easy to apply, makes hair easier to detangle and improves shine, suppleness and volume.

Product intended for adult use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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